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We manage international bookings for renowned DJs and up-and-coming acts. Our DJ roster covers a spectrum of genres, from underground to mainstream.

If you need advice on suitable DJs, new signings or tours, speak to one of our booking agents. We can also facilitate requests for remixes and production.

About us

UMISAM is a Dutch based DJ booking agency for (international) artists, with the belief of providing an experience to our relations. We have the drive to deliver a good feeling on a daily basis with passionate artists, all for the ultimate experience of the end-consumer. In order to provide this ultimate experience we strongly hold on to the essence of teamwork!

We are eager for long-term relationships in which both parties have the space to maximize their potential. We make this possible with direct and honoust contact, in which our common goals always have the highest priority. We stand for, and especially with, our artists, they are our main concern. They are known to deliver quality music and are able to set a feelgood vibe.

Booking Agency

We manage international bookings for renowned DJs and up-and-coming acts. We have multiple artists in our team and are able to provide the right DJ with the right sound for your event, each and every day.

DJ Management

We manage great dj’s from all over the world with a wide range of genres. We invest time and effort in our artists, because we believe in building together. This is the way that we add value to their careers.


We love to think together with our partners on all parts of organizing an event. In this process we are able to share and provide our passion and expertise, but also bring in the help of our business partners.

We are excited to provide our location for the release party of Umisam. We wish them a bright future! - The Suïcide Club
It was clear from the first meeting that we had the same vision and strategy for a long-term relationship.- Temples of Sound Studios
We appreciate the passion and energy that drives Umisam, simply because of the fact that we operate the same way.- Butteredbread Productions

Need a manager?

You’ve come this far doing things on your own – is it time to get someone to help out? You can choose to run your DJ career alone, and many DJs get a huge distance like this, but working with someone who can help you take the next step and grow your DJ career with you can be a smart move. That’s where UMISAM comes in.


UMISAM can help you develop your career, score more endorsements, new business, do your planning, orginize and direct you.


UMISAM helps you to convert your vision into a branding model, which we will use to create a strategy within the branding process.


UMISAM will stand by your side, assist and support you with advice. When you face complex choices, we will definitely help!

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